Vanguards are known to lend a helping hand to a fellow Vanguard, regardless of circumstances and political affiliation. Our history is full of examples of Vanguards aiding brods and even ordinary countryman. Although this is true at an individual level, such is not the case, in terms of an organized effort to aid brods, gain choice career posts. This section hopes to improve this situation and offer, the young upcoming Vanguards the opportunity or at the least the information and counseling to succeed in any career. We hope to pool resources and activate the Vanguard network, to this end. We call on all established Vanguards, to help the young yet qualified brods. It’s time…

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Position / TitleDate Posted
9 New Job OpportunitiesSeptember 25, 2020
8 New Job OpportunitiesSeptember 18, 2020
Chief Technology Officer (for a large corporation)September 15, 2020
2 Job Opportunities (Rice Milling Plant and Coconut Plantation Manager)September 10, 2020
9 Job OpportunitiesAugust 10, 2020
Data & Communications OfficerJuly 20, 2020
Five Managerial Positions and Electrical Engineer Job OpeningJune 5, 2020
23 Job OpportunitiesApril 18, 2020
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