About the UP Vanguard

In its original form, the U.P. Vanguard started as a fraternity (the “Diamonds and Studs” fraternity) in 1922 composed of those enrolled in both Basic and Advance ROTC courses. On 29 March 1952, it was further revitalized as an alumni organization composed of graduates of the UP ROTC Advance Courses, and in 1963 was incorporated as a non-stock, non-profit corporation.

Since its founding, it has had a long fruitful history of partnership in nation building, contributing both to the national and university cause. It has produced some of the top men in the military, government, and the private sector.

How is the U.P. Vanguard, Inc. Organized ?

The highest decision-making body of the U.P. Vanguard, Inc. is the Board of Governors composed of fifteen (15) members elected at large during the annual homecoming and convention. The Board of Governors is headed by the Chairman of the Board. The Chairman of the Board is assisted by the following officers:

  • Chairman of the Board
  • National Commander
  • Vice National Commander
  • Adjutant General
  • National Treasurer
  • National Auditor
  • Judge Advocate General
  • Provost Marshall
  • Public Relations and Information Officer

The U.P. Vanguard, Inc. has the following standing committees which handle specific tasks:

  • Program-Project Committee
  • Civil & Military Placement Committee
  • Community Development Services Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Committee on Audit
  • Finance committee
  • Committee on Elections
  • Cadet Affairs Committee
  • Public Relations & Information Committee
  • Chapter Development & Coordination Committee
  • Scholarship Committee

Under the umbrella of the National Organization are the fourteen (14) chapters scattered in the different parts of the country and worldwide. These chapters are headed by their respective chapter commanders who are ex-officio members of the Board. The chapters are as follows:

  • Los Baños (1963)
  • Cebu (1964)
  • Capitol (1967)
  • Manila (1967)
  • University (1968)
  • Davao (1973)
  • Makati (1976)
  • Pasig (1978)
  • Baguio – Northern Luzon (1978)
  • Metro Manila – Los Baños (1978)
  • Amianan (Northern Phil) (1990)
  • LB-University (1990)
  • North America (1999)
  • Panay – Negros
  • International (2020)

Who are members of the UP Vanguard, Inc. ?

The U.P. Vanguard Inc. has three (3) types of members the REGULAR, the HONORARY, and the ASSOCIATE.

Regular members are those individuals with academic degrees from U.P. who finished the UPROTC Advance Course or those with academic degrees from U.P. who finishes Basic ROTC provided that they are commissioned officers of the AFP with the minimum rank of Captain or its equivalent in the Navy.

Honorary members are those individuals conferred membership to the organization in recognition of their leadership and excellence in their chosen field of endeavor or outstanding humanitarian undertaking in the national setting.

Associate members are those individuals who completed Basic ROTC and are sponsored by at least five (5) members in good standing of the organization, provided that their application are submitted to the organization ten (10) years after their completion of Basic ROTC.

At present the U.P. Vanguard has more than 2,000 members carefully chosen through the years from the ranks of the UPROTC Corps of Cadets.

What is the motto of the U.P. Vanguard, Inc.?

Members of the U.P. Vanguard, Inc. have always been guided by the shibboleths of DUTY, well performed; HONOR, untarnished; and COUNTRY, above self.

Where is the National Office of the U.P. Vanguard?

The U.P. Vanguard, Inc. Office is located at the U.P. Vanguard/DMST Building, U.P. Campus, Diliman Quezon City.

The Vanguard Building, as it is known to resident of U.P. was inaugurated on 15 October 1983 as one of the staunchest monument to the commitment of the U.P. Vanguard, Inc. towards youth development.

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