The Vanguard Quarantine Chronicles Posted on December 26, 2020 | By Jun Elefante '90 (Story and Photos)

As the only the cadet officer billeted in the UP ROTC barracks in the UP Diliman campus during the early days of the nationwide pandemic quarantine, 21-year-old Ces Buenavista can rightfully claim the title of being “Queen of the Barracks.” She was among the thousands of college students who were stranded in the different campuses throughout the country when the Enhanced Community Quarantine went into effect last April.

Important lessons in disaster and risk management Posted on April 17, 2020 | By Adrian Paul B. Conoza (Special Features Writer, BusinessWorld)

AIM professor shares leadership principles in responding to the present crisis

Moving to Diliman Posted on June 6, 2009 | By Brig. Gen. Carlos C. Aguilar, Philippine Daily Inquirer

Remembering the University of the Philippines (UP) never fails to evoke in me nostalgic memories of events and circumstances that are now remote and irrecoverable. My UP episode began in 1948 when I graduated from Rizal High School, Pasig, Rizal.

Farewell Dear Friend Posted on June 6, 2009 | By Teto Inocencio, UPV '54 to Brig. Gen. Benjamin Vallejo, UPV '52

You’ve gone ahead, Left us behind; Farewell dear friend. You’ve gone through wars, Won many battles; Farewell dear friend. You’ve been a good teacher, You’ve taught us as well; Farewell dear friend. You’ve been a good brother, We’ll miss your presence; Farewell dear friend. You’ve done your job, You’ve earned your rest;

Homecoming Posted on June 6, 2009 (From "The Meaning of Convention," 62nd U.P. Vanguard Annual Souvenir Program, 1984)

The old cadet comes home. Once again he walks the fields and the corridors of his youth. Familiar faces bring shenanigans shared. And memories of standing shoulder to shoulder, yet not seeing eye to eye. He hopes to fill himself with the past, but will leave with even a greater void. Unless-

Oh Those were the (Cadet) days Posted on June 6, 2009 (From the Aggie Green and Gold (c .1949), courtesy of Col. Guillermo B. Francisco Jr. (Ret). UP Vanguard Class 1950)

As the semester comes to a close, every cadet looks back with the air of a conqueror as he tries to recall once more the events that made this semester what it was. As he racks his memory, he invariably visualizes the happy as well as the unhappy events, sometimes, but more often than not, in their chronological order.

Redefining Civil Society Participation in the Philippine Defense System Posted on June 6, 2009 | By Horacio "Boy" R. Morales, Jr.

One of the distinct features of our armed forces is that our officer corps and the soldiery come from all segments of society, unlike in some countries where they are drawn from one social group. We can thus regard our armed forces as the “armed forces of the people,” a term enshrined in the 1935 Constitution.

On a Citizen Armed Forces Posted on June 6, 2009 | By Mariano A. Angeles

May I just give you some of my thoughts about why we need a citizen armed forces.

The Davide Commission which made an inquiry on the causes of coup d etat after the December 1989 stated that the academy system is a threat to a democracy. In asking the AFP to review its system of officer training, it was referring actually to the PMA in that the products are showing signs of psychosis.

Address of President Marcos at the 56th UP Vanguards Alumni Homecoming Posted on May 17, 1978 | By (Official Gazette)

I AM VERY glad to be at this Vanguard homecoming. I was supposed to be down South, in Palawan. But I heard the miserable state in which the Vanguard leadership was, because they were looking around and could not get a guest of honor, not even the President or the Chief Justice. And so I decided to stay behind and let the First Lady attend to the South in the meantime.

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