Board of Governors

Chairman Emeritus

Vgd Gilbert Reyes ’79

Vgd Richie Ragaza ’77

Vgd Richie Ragaza ’77

Vgd Guido Delgado '79
National Commander

Vgd Guido Delgado ’79

Vice National Commander

Vgd Floro Francisco ’80

Adjutant General

Vgd Gabo Tuason ’94

Assistant Adjutant General

Vgd Kenneth Tirado ’99


Vgd Bojo Bernardo ’92


Vgd Chito Oreta ’77

Vgd Deo Orpilla '92

Vgd Deo Orpilla ’92

Provost Marshall

Vgd Donald De Padua ’90

Business Manager

Vgd Bill Pamintuan ’83

Judge Advocate General

Vgd Bembi Alcasabas ’03

Governor and Chairman of DRRM Committee

Vgd Spocky Farolan ’97

Vgd Gilbert Reyes ’79
Governor and Chairman Centennial Committee

Vgd Gilbert Reyes ’79

Governor and Chairman Chapter Development Committee

Vgd Bright Munda ’98


Vgd Astro Del Castillo ’90


Vgd Mar Cadag ’95


Vgd Mudjekeewis Santos ’92

Chairman, Search and Awards Committee

Vgd Andy Licaros ’79

Chairman, Heritage Library

Vgd Sonny Ventura ’59

Chairman, Anti- Sexual and Harassment Committee

Vgd Arpee Santiago ’96

Chairman, Jobs and Livelihood Committee

Vgd Art Alejar ’85

Chairman, Cadet Affairs Committee

Vgd Manuel Macrohon ’90

Chairman, COMELEC

Vgd Ian Alvaera ’02

Chapter Commanders

Baguio-Northern Luzon Chapter

Vgd Cris Canaria ’99

Capitol Chapter

Vgd Anthony Reyes ’84

Davao Chapter

Vgd Isidro Ungab ’82

Los Baños Chapter

Vgd Jose Ronaldo M. Carandang ’86

Makati Chapter

Vgd Kenneth Hartigan-Go ’82

Metro Manila-Los Baños Chapter

Vgd Celso Tagle ’94

Panay-Negros Chapter

Vgd Ray Alindong ’95

Pasig Chapter

Vgd Jess Paredes ’69

University Chapter

Vgd John Baroña ’90

Congratulations to MGEN PEALE JON L BONDOC AFP, Commander, Army Reserve Command - UP Vanguard Class of 1985Congratulations to the new lawyers!Congrats brods for the successes of your sons and daughter!! The fruits do not fall far from very strong trees!!! Kudos to all the great Vanguard lawyers!!Support the Cause
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