Vanguard “Trailblazers”

Vanguards are trained to lead regardless of the chosen field, and members of our fraternity tends to rise to the top. Vanguard Trailblazers will be a roster of successful members, in various endeavors. This section features the men and women Vanguards, who by their training, hard work and intelligence managed to carve a successful path and build a stature, that is second to none. Vanguard Trailblazers can be observed in many careers like the military, law, medicine, engineering, academe, civil service and business, just to name a few. Watch out and be inspired by the Vanguard Trailblazers!

Atty. Philip Sigfrid A. FortunAtty. Philip Sigfrid A. FortunClass of 1978

Brod Sig, as he is fondly called by brods—and, of course, he is instinctively still addressed as “sir” by those brods junior to him—is an alumni of the University System’s secondary school and college, eventually earning his Bachelor of Laws degree in 1983.

He came of age at a pivotal point in our country’s modern history. He described graduating from high school and then entering the University as a “confusing” period of which he had to do a lot “adjusting.” It was a time that shaped part of his present outlook.

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Vgd Juan SP Hidalgo Jr. '57

Sirs/Brods, It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of our senior brod, Vgd Juan SP Hidalgo Jr. '57 DIL last 23 October 2020 at 6:30pm. Wake is at Rosales,Pangasinan. Let us all pray for the repose of his soul.

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