UPVI Heritage Conservation Drive

Going towards our 100th year celebration, one of the major activity we have is the Art Conservation Project of the “DUTY. HONOR. COUNTRY.”, a composition by Tam Austria- oil on canvass 1984.

This majestic Artwork reflects important historical elements and traditions that is engraved within the core of the UP Vanguard. However, upon recent inspection and physical assessment, the painting has been found to have accumulated a deep layer of grime, dirt and molds which are randomly visible on the surface.  Infestations and hazy discolorations are also evident on some areas.  Art Conservation is critical to preserving the life of this heritage artwork and ensures that this can be enjoyed by many generations to come.

UPVI Heritage Conservation Drive

To Raise funds for this, the UPVI class of 1996 seeks your support in this “DUTY. HONOR. COUNTRY.” UPVI Heritage Conservation Drive.

Aside from our high quality Giclee print of “DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY.”, We present to you a “Must Have item for all brods”.  Manufactured in Switzerland using 85% Iron and 13% Chrome and subjected to 50,000 Kilograms of pressure to make a blade that is inoxidizable and able to withstand the toughest environment… The UP Vanguard Swiss Army knife.

This will be made available through 5 tiers of pledges.

  • TIER 1 – UP Vanguard Swiss army knife P 3,000.00
  • TIER 2 – UPVI Heritage Print (MEDIUM) 14×32.5 inch P 10,000.00
  • TIER 3 – UPVI Heritage Print (LARGE) 17.5X42 inch P12,000.00
  • TIER 4 – Bundled UP Vanguard Swiss army knife + Medium print 14×32.5 inch   P12,000.00
  • TIER 5 – Bundled UP Vanguard Swiss army knife + Large print 17.5×42 inch   P14,000.00

To choose your bundle, you may click the link here: http://bit.ly/UPVIHeritage

Pledges to help in our UPVI Heritage Conservation project may be sent via online banking or bank deposit to our UPVI Metrobank account

Account name: UP Vanguard Inc
Account number: 310-7-31080306-1

Please email proof of payment to UPVI99th@gmail.com or you may also send proof of payment through Viber at +639270348216

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