University Chapter Holds Virtual Run

The UP Vanguard Inc. – University Chapter conducts its event for the month of October,  Balasik Run 2020. Beginning this October 18 and to be held in a virtual setting, the 2-week run aims to promote a healthy and active lifestyle during the pandemic to its participants. 

The activity is organized by its newest members who compose a whole class of Advance ROTC graduates from the UP Diliman ROTC Unit. The name of their class is Balasik, hence the name of the run. The activity was inspired by the rise of virtual fitness events that engage its participants by allowing them to run at their own pace and in their preferred venue. The event is divided into 5km, 10km, and 21km categories. With no registration fee, it presents a very accessible and affordable avenue for those who prefer to run at leisure, or those who would like to challenge themselves.

Balasik Run 2020 Mechanics

During a time when people are separated by limits imposed by current regulations, the University Chapter continues to do its best to unite individuals under a common goal. It is this rationale that drives the event, and pushes it to reach as many as possible. To learn more about the run, visit the main event page at

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