The New UP Vanguard Incorporated Seal

The new UPVI seal has been unveiled and approved by the UPVI Board of Governors last February 21st, 2018.

The new design retains much of the previous logo with a few enhancements.

First, the design harkens back to the original UP seal layout and colours – a maroon inner circle containing the shield with icons depicting agriculture, engineering, and medicine. On both sides of this inner ring, the UPVI foundation year 1922 is scribbled. The green outer ring is encircled by the words UP VANGUARD in white text.

Whereas the original seals depict a generic eagle, the new design showcases nationalism by adopting a Philippine eagle perched on the shield.

The no of rays surrounding the entire coat of arms is 16. That number represents the 16 characters of the organization’s shibboleths: DUTY HONOR COUNTRY.

The colour palette alludes to the four classes in the UP Corps of Cadets: green (fresh) , gold (learning) , red/maroon (fire and passion) , and white (purity, perfection) representing the 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st Classes respectively.

All brods are encouraged to adopt the new approved seal in place of the old ones. For digital formats, the first version with rays of light will be used. For everything else, the second version.

Let us celebrate our unity as an organization while keeping abreast with the times. Despite the changes, our core values as an organization will always be intact.

Hail UP Vanguard!

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