Search and Awards Announcement

Dear Brods,

Your Board of Governors is pleased to announce the search for outstanding Brods worthy of conferment of the Hall of Fame, Oblation, Achievement, and Vallejo awards in 2022. Let us make the effort to recognize our brethren who have done honor to the fraternity by their achievements and living the Vanguard values and traditions. We request you to nominate worthy Brods for the Hall of Fame, Oblation, Achievement, and Vallejo Awards which will be announced during our 100th Homecoming and Convention to be held at the UP Vanguard Building on May 7, 2022.

The HALL OF FAME AWARD is given to a Vanguard who attained national/international prominence for his exemplary leadership, outstanding success in his field of endeavor, integrity, service to his fellowmen, and valuable contribution to nation building thereby making him/her worthy of emulation.

The OBLATION AWARD is given to one who has shown honorable leadership, excellence, talent, integrity, and hard work for many years that kept him ahead and above his peers in making a significant contribution to society. The ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is conferred for meritorious achievements in a profession, industry, or sector and/or for undertakings worthy of recognition.

The VALLEJO AWARD is conferred on younger Vanguards who have demonstrated early achievement in their field of endeavor and show promise of rising to leadership positions. Thus, the awardee must be no more than 29 years of age at the time of the award.

Please note that fellowship with and help extended to fellow Vanguards or to the Fraternity by the nominee are considered in vetting and ranking the nominees. It will be helpful for you to indicate such aspects in your nomination or write up.

Nomination forms shall be posted in the UP Vanguard website at Please send your nominations not later than March 31, 2022 to the UPVI Awards Secretariat UPVI Secretariat Room 209, Vanguard Building, U.P. Campus, Diliman, Quezon City. In lieu of sending physically completed forms these may be emailed to

I am also pleased to inform you that the Board of Governors has approved the following special awards to be conferred on the occasion of our centenary. These are the Distinguished Service Award and the Family Loyalty Award. Please note that for these two awards the deadline of submission is June 30, 2022.

The DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD is meant to remember members of the fraternity, both living and deceased, who over the course of the fraternity’s 100 years have rendered distinguished service to the organization. They may include former Chapter Commanders, who have rendered lengthy and outstanding service to the fraternity and Vanguards who have lived the fraternity’s shibboleths of Duty, Honor, and Country.

The FAMILY LOYALTY AWARD is meant to recognize family members of the organization. Awardees should be composed of two or more persons who are related up to the second degree of consanguinity. To illustrate, a family group composed of: a) two siblings; or b) father and son(s), would be eligible for such an award. Given that our database isn’t built for this purpose eligible brods will have to apply and send the needed information to the committee. I look forward to your active participation in this year’s search process. Thank you for your attention.

Fraternally yours,

Search, Awards, and Nominations Committee

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