Amended Rules Governing the Conduct of the 2021 Elections for the Board of Governors

Registration of Voters

1. Who are entitled to vote. Only Regular Members of the U.P. Vanguard, Inc. (UPVI) in good standing, i.e., those who have paid their membership fees for the current year, are qualified and entitled to vote at the annual membership meeting, provided that any member may, prior to such meeting, pay the dues and fees in arrears without penalty, and thereafter be entitled to vote in said meeting.

2. Collection of Membership Fees. The Finance Committee shall collect the Membership Fees initially through the Chapters. Thereafter, Members may coordinate directly with the Finance Committee for payment. Members are likewise reminded to update their profiles on the UPVI website.

3. List of Voters. Only Regular Members, as defined in the UPVI Bylaws, who have paid their annual membership dues and Regular Members who have paid Lifetime Membership Fees shall be included in the list of qualified voters. The Finance Committee shall provide the Membership Committee a list of paid Members. The Membership Committee shall validate the list and identify all Regular Members who are qualified to vote. The COMELEC shall then upload the list of Regular Members qualified to vote to the approved online election platform. Pursuant to Section 13 of the UPVI Bylaws, the list of all Regular Members entitled to vote shall be made available by the Adjutant General to any Member who wishes to check the same.

Nomination of Candidates

4. Who can nominate. Any member, chapter or class of the UPVI may nominate a qualified member of the UPVI to its Board of Governors (BOG), provided it is done with the nominee’s consent.  The COMELEC shall accept and evaluate all nominations, and shall certify as to the qualifications of the nominees.

5. Who are qualified to be nominated. Any regular member in good standing of the UPVI may be nominated to the BOG.

6. Disqualification for reelection. A member of the Board of Governors who has failed to attend at least fifty percent (50%) of all its meetings shall be disqualified to run for reelection.

7. Form of nominations. Nominations of candidates must be submitted by email to, addressed to the COMELEC, and signed by both the person nominating and the nominee himself/herself signifying his/her conformity to the nomination. In cases of nominations by a chapter or by a class, the signature of the chapter/class commander shall suffice as the nominating person’s signature.

There is no particular form in order to nominate a candidate as long as the requirements above-mentioned are contained in the nomination. A confirmation email acknowledging receipt of the nomination shall be sent by the COMELEC.

8. Deadline for nomination. The nomination must be received by the UPVI Comelec not later than three (3) days before the date of the annual general meeting.

9. Publication requirement for nomination deadline. The nomination deadline must be published twice in a newspaper of general circulation at least five (5) days before the said deadline.

Election Proper

10. Ballots. Elections must be by secret balloting, through an online voting application nominated by the COMELEC and approved by the Board of Governors of the UPVI.

11. When elections held. The regular election for the Board of Governors of the UPVI shall be held during annual general meeting of the UPVI. The elected members of the Board will assume office on the first day of the month immediately after the annual general meeting and shall end two (2) years thereafter when the term of their successors begin.

12. List of candidates. A final list of qualified candidates, arranged in alphabetical order, shall be provided for the information of the members and shall be posted on the UPVI website, UPVI social media platforms, and on the online voting application. 

13. Casting of votes. Votes may be cast from 08 0001H May 2021 to 08 2200H May 2021 (Manila Time).

14. Manner of voting. All Regular Members in good standing shall receive by email a link to the online voting application and a unique voter identifier. Members shall vote online. Members may choose up to seven (7) nominees and shall complete the process upon submitting the votes.

Counting of Votes

15. Counting proper. Immediately after the voting period, the COMELEC will generate the results through the online voting application.

16. Election results. The results of the elections will immediately be certified by the COMELEC indicating the number of votes cast and the name of all the candidates with the respective numbers of votes garnered by each.  The seven (7) candidates garnering the most number of votes shall be considered elected.  In case of a tie, it shall be resolved by the drawing of lots by and among the tied candidates or their duly authorized representatives. The winner thereof shall be considered elected.

Proclamation of Winners

17. Proclamation. The COMELEC will proclaim the winning candidates immediately after verification of the results of the elections.

Election Protest

18. Period to protest. Any aggrieved candidate may file a written protest addressed to the COMELEC within seven (7) days from the proclamation of winners.

19. Grounds for protest. Grounds for protest includes: the lack of qualification of the winning candidates, election fraud, and such other similar grounds.  The protest must demonstrate the grounds relied upon and all other data evidencing the same.

20. Period to decide. The COMELC shall decide all protests within thirty (30) days from receipt. The decision of the COMELEC shall be final.

Effect of Failure to Elect

21. Special Elections. In case of failure to elect during the annual general meeting of members due to the absence of quorum or force majeure, the National Commander, in consultation with the COMELEC, shall call for a special election at such time and place as he may designate but not later than one month after the first failed election.  Should there be a failure to hold such special election for the same reasons, the incumbent members of the Board shall continue to hold office for the succeeding term.

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