University Chapter Runs for the Corps

The University Chapter will be joining the fun run dubbed GIG Run sponsored by a UP mountaineering organization on June 28, 2009, 0600H at the Academic Oval. The GIG run, short for “Green is Good” is actually for the benefit of the Ipo Dam Watershed. There are currently 18 Brods and 12 CO’s who have signified their intent to participate.

The Chapter decided to take advantage of this opportunity to accomplish several objectives. First, taking off from a similar activity done in the Corps in 1992 by the Mandirigma Sunday Battalion, the fun run will now be a venue to raise funds for the Corps of Cadets specifically for the purchase of additional Rayadillo uniforms.

The concept calls for each runner, Cadet Officers or Brods, to look for sponsors for every kilometer he or she will be running. Sponsors are encouraged to pledge a minimum amount of Php200 per kilometer. The accumulated amount will fund additional Rayadillo uniforms the Corps direly needs. Additional pledges will go to the University Chapter Leadership Grant.

The second objective is to show the UP Community that the Corps and the UPVI support advocacies beneficial to the environment and the Filipino people. This is in addition to promoting fitness among Brods and having an opportunity to once again relive, with Brods, friends and family, the days of early morning PT and road runs.

It is also our hope that there will be more activities of the same nature to benefit the Corps. As a side event, LTC Roland Rodil will be organizing an airsoft game after the run.

If you wish to join the activities or just wish to show your support to the UP Corps of Cadets, please email

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