New UPVI Chapter launched!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the formation and ratification of our newest UPVI chapter. The International Chapter has been given the nod by our UPVI Chairman Dr. Richie Ragaza ’77, National Commander Vgd. Guido Delgado ’79, Chairman Emeritus Atty. Gilbert “GBee” Reyes ’79 and the Board of Governors last May 5, 2020.

The UP Vanguard International Chapter (UPVIC) would like to invite all overseas brods to be part of this new endeavor.

The VIC’s broad mission is two-fold:

  1. to support, promote and encourage all goals and objectives of the UPVI, and
  2. to help and aid in the development of the Motherland. We enjoin all interested brods to check out the VIC’s By Laws to see if its objectives aligns with their aspirations for the brotherhood.

The VIC has streamlined its participation qualifications into three easy to follow requirements, namely:

  • overseas residence
  • good standing with UPVI
  • $1 membership in the UPVIC.

At present the UP VIC has the following pioneering members:

  1. Marcelino Lizaso
  2. Roberto Garcia
  3. Paeng Rodriguez
  4. Vic Sevilla
  5. Ryan Lantin
  6. Gary Domingo
  7. Enteng Reyes
  8. Val Sevilla
  9. Jim Cortes
  10. Roger Diaz
  11. Jimmy Son
  12. Fil Obmerga
  13. Gus Mora
  14. Al Viceral
  15. Orly Blanco
  16. Celes Geronimo
  17. Leo Ganzon
  18. Gerald Santiago
  19. Kholin Provido
  20. Patrick Provido
  21. Riemil Usi
  22. Joey Tinio
  23. Perl Tinio
  24. Gene Calonge
  25. Tony Sundiang
  26. Dave Romero

We sincerely hope that all brods residing abroad can be part of this broader mission. Kindly contact Val Sevilla ’85 (+818 8250432 / or Marcelino “Buboy” Lizaso ’91 (+65 98781969 / to indicate your interest in participating and watch out for more news and details on the UP VIC in the coming weeks through our official UPVI social media platforms!

U.P. Vanguard Incorporated - International Chapter

The UPVIC logo represents the Vanguards who have gone far and beyond the shores of the motherland. Multi-colored rays forming a globe speak of unity in diversity transcending geographic location. Coming together in support of UPVI’s transformative direction, the International Chapter champions Ducens Mundi (Leading the World) in each member’s area of expertise, living the Vanguard shibboleths of Duty, Honor, and Country.

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