Message of the National Commander On the Formation of the UPVI International Chapter

My dear brods, let us congratulate the newly formed UPVI International Chapter!

Message of the National Commander On the Formation of the UPVI International Chapter

I commend the pioneering members led by brods Val Sevilla and Buboy Lizaso for making this aspiration a reality. 

Chapters are the units through which we can efficiently download and implement our program of activities and projects at the national level. The Chapters also come up with their own projects and initiatives which propagate the Vanguard brand of leadership in service of the community and the country. All these serve to strengthen the UP Vanguard organization. But more importantly for me, it is through the Chapters that we are able to look out for our members spread all throughout the country, and the world. Our true strength lies in our members – our lifeblood, the old and new, the young and wise. 

May our brods overseas find fraternal abode in the International Chapter wherever you may be. Once again, I congratulate you brods, and I look forward to the success of your future endeavors. Mabuhay ang International Chapter! Mabuhay ang UP VANGUARD!

National Commander

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