Message of the Chairman on the Formation of the UPVI International Chapter

Congratulations to the UPVI International Chapter!

Vgd Richie Ragaza ’77

For many years now, many of our brods have come to work and reside overseas, for truly, the Vanguards will prosper and thrive anywhere they may be placed. We have always encouraged the formation of Chapters as much as possible in every city or municipality to strengthen the organization by having smaller units through which we can keep in touch with our brods and implement our programs in an organized manner, so what about our overseas brods?

A major consideration in the formation of Chapters is its geographical base, where brods would find it comfortable and convenient to convene. This has posed a challenge to our overseas brods because there may not be enough brods in one area to form a Chapter, which requires a minimum of 15 members. That’s not to say that there have not been efforts before, but this new International Chapter is promising because it goes beyond geographical limitations and aims to cover all brods abroad wherever they may be on the globe.

I am truly proud of this milestone in Chapter development because this insightful move to take advantage of the technology available to us now will enable us to be more inclusive in formulating our programs, and allow us to keep track of our brods who have settled in distant lands.

My commendations go to all the brods instrumental to this undertaking and I look forward to your growth and success as a Chapter.

Mabuhay ang UP Vanguard!


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