The old cadet comes home. Once again he walks the fields and the corridors of his youth. Familiar faces bring shenanigans shared. And memories of standing shoulder to shoulder, yet not seeing eye to eye. He hopes to fill himself with the past, but will leave with even a greater void. Unless-

Unless he can give meaning to the assembly beyond mere reminiscence.

As we Vanguards begin to gather, we will first honor our heroes who have gone ahead. But we must also and more significantly inspire new heroes to stand where others have fallen. We must kindle not only a memorial flame but a beacon for others to follow. Because we grieve for the Dead, we must look to the Corps and keep it alive.

Then we should examine ourselves. Our collective strenght must not be squandered for lack of focus. It is time to renew the pledges and the commitmments which brought us together. it is time to choose and stand behind leadership of Principle, Visions and Action.

True to our name, we must ourselves, all of us, help guide our fellow countrymen through the uncertain times. If we must blaze new trails, seek new directions, now is the time to decide. Whatever the future may hold, it is not for us to stand back. It is our task to command the march forward.

The Vanguard Homecoming
A coming together
to lead the way